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What My Clients Say

Testimonials: Testimonials

Dena is my Reiki Teacher and has been a guide for me when I was learning Reiki and Energy Healing. She has the kindest touch and really knows how to work with essential oils as a therapeutic enhancement for her sessions with people. I highly recommend Dena for Reiki, as she creates calming, sacred spaces for people and comforts them thru the woes of life or when you feel out of alignment. Her treatment room is stunning. If you are looking for a soft place to land, an energy boost, someone to teach you about Energy healing and Essential oils or to learn healing for yourself, Dena is the right person to go to.


I highly recommend Dena!!! I've had the pleasure of working with her for over a year now. I was a little skeptical of reiki and wasn't sure what to expect at first. Dena's warm and friendly energy was instantly comforting. With each session, I found myself becoming more and more relaxed. I started to peel off the layers of anxiety, guilt, and shame that weighed me down and began to feel much lighter, not just during sessions, but in everyday life. I've grown insurmountably since starting Reiki with Dena. I can honestly and passionately say that I have become a much more patient, empathetic, and compassionate human being through working with Dena. If you are even just for a second considering booking a session with Dena, DO IT! It may just change your life for the better, like it did mine.


My reiki session with Dena was truly amazing. It was a profound spiritual experience. Dena offered sound therapy in my session - the vibration of her beautiful voice was deeply healing. I felt restored and whole after our session. Dena is a true heart centered healer. Her energy and intentions are pure.


Thank you for teaching me one of the most valuable tools on my personal journey. Ever since my initial attunement, life has been opening me up and showing me what I truly came here for. You're truly amazing and I am happy to have been touched by your healing energy 💝💕💓


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Jessie Brown

 The entire experience was relaxing, from start to finish. Walking in to her home and feeling peace and good energy, then laying on the warm, comfortable table with essential oils and calming music. I went in that appointment with trauma- induced depression and anxiety, and left with a feeling of peace and lightness. I definitely recommend Dena for reiki to anyone!


I have been using this Sauna for 2 months now. It arrived at a time I was working through an injury that left the muscles in my leg locked from my hip to feet. I get into this Sauna with my headphones and healing tones and most times fall asleep. It relaxes my mind and muscles. It has helped my tolerance with cardio work outs, weight loss and even improved my circulation AND Digestion!
I have even notices a huge difference when I do a full body exfoliation leaving my skin softer that I ever expected.

Dena's Sauna Experence

I have been seeing Dena for almost a year now and I can tell you that with the Reiki treatments I receive from her, my world has changed. I trust her healing hands with me and anytime she mentions another treatment she has learned I am game for it! I experience a treatment with the iteracare wand and I am so thankful I did. On the table the heat and energy I felt put an instant smile on my face and an uplifting feeling emotionally. As the night went on the areas I have been experiencing nagging pain had started to ease up and I felt relief. Highly recommend this service!


Testimonials: Testimonials

Testimonials From a Distance

Testimonials: Testimonials

known trouble areas without previous consultation.
Her reading was insightful as well and  overall I had a wonderful experience.

Calvin from Poland

Dena responded quickly and with kindness. I woke up feeling more "Clear" the next day

Jade from Washington

I had a session with Dena and I am blown away! Not only does she listen and give proper feedback, she literally walks you through everything and explains anything you have questions about in an understanding and compassionate way.
Not knowing what to expect going into this experience,I came out feeling more elevated than I have in months.

Christal  from Texas

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